Zanetutors Facilitators

Zane helps children...

zanetutors helps children reach their full potential and become lifelong learners – join the zanetutors team, make an income while following your passion to teach, help children learn better and grow.

As a company...

Zanetutors constantly strives to improve the overall quality and standards of our work while contributing to the development of our society as a whole.

As a company, our main objective is the growth and success of our learners.

We value our facilitators

We value our Facilitators as our niche of facilitators make us stand out; facilitators, whom in line with policies of the company, works toward improving the total learning experience and success of all our learners.

Our Facilitators

Our facilitators are persons who are passionate about children; helping them learn better and helping them grow.

Our facilitators are passionate, young, creative, talented, tech inclined team players that love and value teaching.

Zane believes in working with outstanding persons and exceptional facilitators that constantly strive for growth in learners and themselves. People, who are adaptable, self-motivated, who are passionate in their work and who are creative team players.

Do these words describe you?

Join the clique that’s shaping the futures of young learners.

Make an income while following your passion to teach and helping children grow.

Make an income while making an impact.